Social Science


Associate Professor
fatan Dr. Fatan Hamamah Yahaya [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6532316 | E-mail :
Medical Anthropology, Social Epidemiology, Ethnography,
Ethnobotany, Society and Health, Social Issues, HIV/AIDS, Family & Kinship,
Tourism Anthropology

Senior Lecturer
chuah hang Dr. Chua Hang Kuen  [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6535277 | E-mail :
Masculinity, Male sexuality , Cultural studies
suresh 2 Dr. Suresh Kumar N Vellymalay  [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6534551 | E-mail :
Family, school and community partnership, Minority studies,
Ethnic relations, Urban poverty, Social inequality
zurina 2 Dr. Zurina Mohd Radzi  [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6532304| E-mail :
Migration Studies, Development Studies, Deviance and Society,
Culture, Society and Religion
soijah 2 Soijah Likin  [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6532280  | E-mail :
Social Change, Migration, Social Anthropology
siti nor awang Dr. Siti Nor Awang  [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6535959 | E-mail : 
Family, Marriage & Kinship, Development & Social Change, Orang Asli, Migration
Bok Guat Im Dr. Bok Guat Im  [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6535918 | E-mail : 

Cik Khauthar Dr. Khauthar Ismail  [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6535286 | E-mail :



Associate Professor
yen Dr. Yen Siew Hwa [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6534559  | E-mail :
Applied Economics, Socio-economic Studies, Behavioral Economics

Senior Lecturer
fazelina 2 Dr. Fazelina Sahul Hamid [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6534552  | E-mail :
Money and Banking, Financial Economics,
Behavioral Economics, Econometrics
(Panel data analysis)

ku azam Dr. Ku' Azam Tuan Lonik  [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6532315  | E-mail :
Macroeconomics and Socio-Economics Issues,
Factor affecting economics growth,
The economics of government – growth,
Privatisation and regulation, Islamic Economics and Finance, Tourism Economics, International Finance
nailul murad Dr. Nailul Murad Mohd.Nor  [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6533632  | E-mail :
Adult Learning, Distance Education,
Agriculture Economics, Islamic Economics
radziah 2 Dr. Radziah Adam [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6534748  | Email :
International Economics (Technology transfer via FDI),
Applied Econometrics, Industrial Economics
norhanisah 2 Dr. Norhanishah Mohd Yunus [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6535930  | E-mail :
Labour Economics, International Economics (Trade & FDI spillovers),
Development Economics (Human capital),
Econometrics (panel data analysis)
see kok fong 2 Dr. See Kok Fong [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6534576  | E-mail :
Applied Economics, Resource and Energy Economics,
Air Transport Management


ahmad fauzi abd hamid Dr. Ahmad Fauzi Abdul Hamid [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6532278  | E-mail :
Political Islam in Southeast Asia , Islamist Movements ,
Islamic Thought, Muslim-non-Muslim relations

Associate Professor
khairiah Dr. Khairiah Salwa Hj. Mokhtar [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6533631  | E-mail :
Public Administration & Public Policy,
New Public Management, E-Government, Qualitative Research,
Political Marketing, E-Learning
norraihan 2 Dr. Norraihan Zakaria  [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6534563  | E-mail :
International Relations, Security/Non-traditional Security Studies,
Human Rights

Senior Lecturer
faridah jaafar 2 Dr. Faridah Jaafar  [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6532281  | E-mail :
Malaysia and International Relation,
Malaysia Foreign Policy, Prime Minister and Malaysia Foreign Policy,
Malaysia Foreign Policy; A Comparative Study,Personality and Political of Thought Prime Minister of Malaysia
low yong san Dr. Low Yong San [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6532274  | E-mail :
Comparative Politics, Southeast Asian Politics,
Politics of Ethnic Minorities
wan asma Dr. Wan Asna Wan Mohd.Nor [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6534575  | E-mail :
Political Development, Malaysian Politics, Ethnic Relations,
Internet and Politics, Women and Politics
saiyid 2 Dr. Saiyid Radzuwan Syed Sopi [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6535946 | E-mail :
Politik Jepun (Parti Politik) dan Budaya Politik