Dr. Chua Hang Kuen

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Dr. Chua Hang Kuen
Phone : 04-6534568
Fax     : 04-6576000     
Email     : hkchua@usm.my
Masculinity, Male sexuality , Cultural studies


Academic Qualifications:

  • Ph.D. (Sociology) 2014, La Trobe University, Australia
  • Master of Social Science (Anthropology/Sociology) 2007, Universiti Sains Malaysia 
  • B.Sc. (Housing, Building and Planning) with Hons. 1999, Universiti Sains Malaysia 


Key Research Area: 

  • Masculinity
  • Male sexuality 
  • Cultural studies


Sedang dikemaskini


  • JKJ 203 Philosophy of Social Sciences (Shared course; 2015/2016 onwards)
  • JKA 212/218 Anthropological and Sociological Issues (2014/2015-2016/2017)
  • JKA 420 Advanced Anthropological and Sociological Theory (2017/2018 onwards)
  • JKA 513 Industrialisation and Social Changes (2016/2017 onwards)
  • JKA 319E/421E Research Proposal and Report Planning Method (2014/2015 onwards)
  • JKA 430E/515E Project: Selected Social Issues (Shared course; 2014/2015 onwards)



  1. Elween Loke Wei Jie, Muscularity and beyond: The construction of masculinity among Malaysian urban men and their interpretation of ideal male body image in the media, Main Supervisor, 2016- current


Sedang dikemaskini