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Prof. Madya Dr. Yen Siew Hwa
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Applied Economics, Socio-economic Studies, Behavioral Economics 


Academic Qualifications:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Economics) Universiti Sains Malaysia (2004)
  • Master of Science (Econs) Iowa State University, U.S.A. (1988)
  • Bachelor of Economics, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (1984)


Key Research Area:

  • Applied Economics
  • Socio-economic Studies
  • Behavioral Economics


Selected Journal Articles:

  1. Teng K. T., Yen S. H., Chua S.Y., & Lean H.H. (2015) Do Indian Economic Activities Impact ASEAN-5 Stock Markets? Jurnal Ekonomi Malaysia 49(2) 2015 61 – 76. ( available 1 March 2016
  2. Yen S.H., Abd Shatar A.K. and Hashim H. (2015) Exploring the Economic Impact on Breast Cancer Patients in Kelantan. Jurnal Perspektif 7(2), 43-56, ISSN 1985 – 496X (eISSN 2462-2435 ( available 3 March 2016
  3. Yen S. H., Lim H. E. & James K. Campbell (2015) Is Age an Important Factor in Academics’ Productivity? Malaysian Journal of Economic Studies. 52(1), 97-116 ISSN 1511-4554
  4. Aishah Knight, Yen Siew Hwa & Hasnah Hashim (2015) Complementary Alternative Medicine Use Amongst Breast Cancer Patients in the Northern Region of Peninsular Malaysia. Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention, 16 (8), 3125-3130. (impact factor 2.51), pISSN 1513-7368, eISSN 1513-7368. ISI-WoS
  5. Yen S. H., Ong W. L. & Ooi K. P. (2015) Income and Employment Multiplier Effects of Malaysian Higher Education Sector. Margin: The Journal of Applied Economic Research, Print ISSN:0973-8010, Online ISSN:0973-8029, Sage Publication, 9(1), 61-91.
  6. James K. Campbell & Yen S. H. (2014) Workplace Spirituality and Organizational Commitment Influence on Job Performance amongst Academic Staff, Jurnal Pengurusan, Volume 40, 115-123.
  7. Yen S. H., James K. C., Agus I., Zulyusri & Muhyiatul F. (2014) Social Capital and Organizational Commitment at Higher Education Institutions, Asian Academy of Management Journal, 19(2), 1-22.
  8. Loke Y J, Lai Y. W. Yen S.H., & Andrew Tan K. G. (2013) Do Businesses Exhibit Payment Preferences as Payors? Evidence from Malaysia, The Malaysian Journal of Economics Studies 50(1), 37-52, ISSN 1511-4554.
  9. Teng K. T., Yen S. H. & Chua S. Y. (2013) Synchronisation of ASEAN-5 Stock Markets with the Growth Rate Cycles of Selected Emerging and Developed Economies, Margin: The Journal of Applied Economic Research 7:1, DOI: 10.1177/0973801012466100, Sage Publication.
  10. Teng K. T., Yen S. H. & Chua S. Y. (2013) Synchronisation of Stock Market Cycles: The importance of emerging and developed markets to ASEAN-5, Prague Economic Papers, vol. 4, page 435-458.

University Textbook:

  1. Principles of Economics- The Malaysian Edition (2013), N. Gregory Mankiw, Goh S. K., Ong H. B.,Yen S. H., Cheng M. Y., Muszafarshah M.M., , and Yvonne Lee L. E., CENGAGE Learning Asia Pte Ltd, Singapore. 
  2. Principles of Macroeconomics- The Malaysian Edition (2013), N. Gregory Mankiw, Goh S. K., Ong H. B.,Yen S. H., Cheng M. Y., Muszafarshah M.M., , and Yvonne Lee L. E., CENGAGE Learning Asia Pte Ltd, Singapore. 
  3. Principles of Microeconomics - The Malaysian Edition (2011), N. Gregory Mankiw Goh S. K., Yen S. H., Muszafarshah M.M., and Ong H. B., CENGAGE Learning Asia Pte Ltd, Singapore.


  1. Teng K. T., Yen S. H. ,Chua S. Y. & Lean H.H. (2014) Financial market integration of ASEAN-5 with China and India’ Chapter 35, pp 825-858 in Elsevier book “Emerging Markets and the Global Economy: A Handbook” Edited byMohamed Arouri, Sabri Boubaker and Duc Khuong Nguyen, Academic Press an imprint of Elsevier, San Diego, USA. ISBN: 9780124115491, Pages: 858, Dimensions: 235 X 191. 9780124115491/
  2. Yen Siew Hwa, Aishah Knight Abd Shatar & Hasnah Hashim (2014) ‘Kajian Kes Kanser Payudara: Kesan terhadap Kerjaya Pesakit’ Bab 7, pp97-111 dalam buku Wanita dan Isu-isu Kontemporari. Edited by Wan Asna Wan Mohs Nor, Norsuhana Abdul Hamid adn Fatimah Hassan. Pusat Pengajian Pendidikan Jarak Jauh, Universiti Sains Malaysia. ISBN 978-967-394-185-8.
  3. James K. C. and Yen S H. (2013) Could Social Capital and Organizational Commitment Influence Job Performance amongst Academic Staff in Higher Education Institutions? Chapter in Developments in Higher Education: National Strategies and Global Perspectives, editors Munir Shuib, Aida Suraya Md. Yunus and Shukran Abd. Rahman. ISBN 978-983-861-624-9, Universiti Sains Malaysia Press, Penang, Malaysia.
  4. Morshidi Sirat, Rosni Bakar & Yen S. H. (2012) The Impact of Economic Crisis on Higher Education in Malaysia, pp. 71-80 in The Impact of Economic Crisis on Higher Education, UNESCO Bangkok, ISBN 978-92-9223-400-3 (Electronic version)
  5. Yen S. H. & Chan Lean Heng (2009) Social Capital in Association- A study in Penang, Building Social ASEAN: Towards a Caring and Sharing Community, Academe- Civil Society Network of south East Asia (ACSN) Inc. Manila, Phillipines. pp35-64


Courses Taught before: Labour Economics, Microeconomics 2, Macroeconomics 1, Monetary Economics, Principle Economics, International Trade

Courses currently teaching:

  • Principle Economics (JKE101)
  • International Trade (JKE318)
  • Monetary Economics (JKE415)



  1. Boo Mei Chin (2013- ) Towards Economics of Happiness: Examining Socio-demographic Factors and subjective Well-being in Malaysia. (Main Supervisor)
  2. Lim Boon Leong (2006-2013) Expropriation of Minority Shareholders: A Study of Family-Owned Firms in Malaysia. (Graduated Nov 2013 - Main Supervisor)
  3. Teng Kee Tuan (2006- 2013) Deepening of Economic Interdependence between ASEAN and Emerging Economic Powers – Business Cycles Synchronization and Long-Run Growth. (Graduated March 2013 - Main Supervisor)
  4. Adamu Ahmad Rufai (2012- ) Evaluation of Self Reported Physical Activity and Quality of Life Among Breast Cancer Survivors. (Co-Supervisor)


  • Mohamad Hanif bin Abdullah (2016- ) Measuring the Performance and Effectiveness of Government Expenditure in Malaysian Public Hospital Services. (Co-Supervisor)


Internal Examiner for Thesis

  1. Doctor of Philosophy (2016) - Chin Phaik Nie, ‘ The effect of investors’ cognitive biases on psychological attributes and confidence and its solutions: An experimental study.’
  2. Doctor of Philosophy (2010) – Lew Yuen Sin, ‘ASEAN Monetary Union: Is ASEAN an optimum currency area?
  3. Doctor of Philosophy (2009) – Leow Ghin Yin, ‘Malaysia’s manufacturing exports competitiveness in the East Asian region

Editorial Board

  • Journal of Higher Education (PKAPUSM), 1 March 2007 to 29 February 2008.