Dr. Nailul Murad Mohd.Nor

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Dr. Nailul Murad Mohd.Nor
Phone       : 04-6533632
Fax           : 04-6576000
Email        : nmnor@usm.my
Adult Learning, Distance Education, Agriculture Economics, Islamic Economics


Academic Qualifications:

  • Ed.D. (Adult Education) 1995,  North Carolina State University
  • M.Sc (Agric Economics) 1986, Oklahoma State University
  • B.Sc. (Hons.) Economics 1984, University of Wisconsin


Key Research Area:

  • Adult Learning
  • Distance Education
  • Agriculture Economics
  • Islamic Economics


Selected publications

  1. Mohd Nor, N.M & Abdul Karim, M.F. 2013 . Preference of adult learners between the synchronous or asynchronous instructions in distance learning environment . Proceeding Social Science Chapter The 3rd Annual International Conference Syiah Kuala University & 2nd ICMR Conference October 2-4, 2013, ISSN:2089
  2. Mohd Nor, N.M. (2012). Critical Elements in Planning, Designing and Implementing, and Evaluating Distance Education Programs.International Journal of Social Sciences and Education, Volume: 2 Issue: 1. ISSN:2223-4934
  3. Mohd Nor, N.M. (2011). Understanding older adult learners in distance education: The case of Universiti Sains Malaysia.Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education, Volume: 12 Number: 3 Article 13. ISSN: 1302-6488.
  4. Puvaneswary, Saw,K.G, Mohd Nain, Mohd Nor, N.M, , Suryani, Wan Asna & Siew Hwa, Y. (2011). The Value of Distance Education Degrees in Career Development. , Malaysian Journal of Distance Education, Volume 13, No.1. 1511-6433
  5. Saw,K.G, Mohd Nain, Nailul Morad Mohd Nor,Puvaneswary, Surjani, Wan Asna & Siew Hwa, Y. 2011. Self-Perceived Employability: A case study of distance education graduates from Universiti Sains Malaysia. Research Monograph, Pusat Pengajian Pendidikan Jarak Jauh, Universiti Sains Malaysia. ISBN: 978-967-394-027-1.

Selected book chapters

  1. Wan Rozali Wan Hussin, Habibah Hj Lateh, Mohamed Zaini Omar & Nailul Murad Mohd Nor (Eds). 2013. Organisasi Perancangan Pembangunan Spatial di Malaysia, School Of Distance Education, USM, Penang
  2. Ismail, I., M.Johari,S.S., Gunasegaran, T., Esa, N., Mohd Nor,N.M., Idrus, R.M. & Abdullah,S. (2010). Mobile Learning via SMS Mobile Technology: Can it be accepted by distance learners? In R.M.Idrus et al (Eds.), Electronic Education towards an Immersive Learning Environment (pp. 273- 283). Petaling Jaya, Malaysia: Pearson Publishing


  • Islamic Economics Analysis   JKE 413
  • Malaysian Economics JKE 315
  • Research Methods - JKJ 104
  • Industrial Economics – JKE 417
  • Microeconomics I - JKE 211



  1. Hasrita. 2014. Developing Planning, Implementation And Evaluation Model For LifeLong Learning Program At The Islamic Private University In Indonesia, 2014 Main Supervisor
  2. Ahmad Abd. Garni Hj. Said. 2004. Group Learning and Academic Achievement Among Distance Learners: The Effect and the Relationship Between Dialogue, Structure and Autonomy. Main Supervisor

Master (Research):

  1. Nurul Azni binti Mhd Alkasirah. 2016. The Usage Of Mobile Learning Via SMS In Transmitting Waqf Basic Information Amongst Adult Learners. Co- Supervisor

ISDEV Master Mixed Mode:

  1. Salimah binti Yahaya.2010 Marketing Strategies and Customers’ Choice on AR-Rahnu YAPEIM. Main supervisor
  2. Mohd Zul Hafiz bin Said. 2009. Compliance and Noncompliance of Zakat Fitrah Payer (Alms Fitrah) to the Formal Zakat Institution In Kota Setar District: An Analysis of Zakat Department Administrator in Kedah State. Main supervisor


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