Prof. Madya Dr. Ahmad Hj. Mohamad

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Prof. Madya Dr. Ahmad Hj. Mohamad
Telefon : 04-653 6570/ 3694
Faks     : 04-6576000
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Atomic Spectroscopy - Trace element analysis, Planning & Management of Distance Education


Academic Qualifications:

  • Ph.D. (Analytical Chemistry) 1988, University of Cincinnati, Ohio
  • M.S. (Analytical Chemistry) 1985, University of Cincinnati, Ohio  
  • B.A. (Chemistry) 1982, Indiana University-Bloomington, Indiana 


Key Research Area: 

  • Atomic Spectroscopy - Trace element analysis
  • Planning & Management of Distance Education


Selected Journal Articles:

  1. Ahmad Hj Mohamad, Mantay Zerezghi dan Joseph A Caruso (1986), Determination of Polychlorinated Dibenzo-p-dioxins using Capillary Gas Chromatography with Microwave-Induced Plasma Detection", Analytical Chemistry, 58, 46
  2. John T Creed, Ahmad H Mohamad, Timothy Davidson, Gulay Ataman and Joseph A Caruso (1988), “Helium Source Microwave-Induced Plasma Mass Spectrometric Detection in the Analysis of Gas Chromatographic Eluates", J. of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, 3, 92
  3. Ahmad H Mohamad, John T Creed, Timothy M Davidson and Joseph A Caruso (1989), Detection of Halogenated Compounds in Capillary Gas Chromatography using Helium Plasma Mass Spectrometry, Applied Spectroscopy, 43, 112
  4. Rozhan Mohammed Idrus, Ahmad H Mohamad and Zainal Latiff (1991), Self-Directed Learning Support Services in Distance Education at Universiti Sains Malaysia, presented at the Fifth International Symposium on Adult Self-Directed Learning, Oklahoma, USA, February 1991
  5. Ahmad Hj Mohamad (1994).   Multimedia Implementation of Teaching-Learning Process in Distance Education(in Malay Language)‚ Penang: School of Distance Education USM, (reprinted annually with revisions)
  6. Ahmad Hj Mohamad, A.Rahman Othman and Rozhan Hj Mohammed Idrus (1999).   Course Delivery in Distance Education ­ Use of Supplementary Video Programmes, Malaysian Journal Of Distance Education, Vol. 1, no.1
  7. Ahmad Hj Mohamad, Zuraidah A Rahman and Bahaman Abu Samah (2002). Supporting Developers of OnLine Learning Material - Lessons Learned From Research Findings,Malaysian Journal of Educational Technology, Vol. 1, no. 2
  8. Ahmad H Mohamad, Hanafi Atan, Omar Majid, Zuraidah A Rahman, Noraida A Ghani, Wong Su Luan & Fong Soon Fook (2008). Gender Differences in the Usage of the Functionalities of the Electronic Portal among Distance Education Learners, Proceedings of the International Conference and Workshop on e-learning Strategies, Bangkok, Thailand
  9. Ahmad H. Mohamad, Zuraidah A. Rahman, Omar Majid & Hanafi Atan (2009). A Conceptual Framework for Development of Internet-based Systematic Instructional Design Assistance.Proceedings of IADIS International Conterence WWW/Internet 2009, Rome, November 2009
  10. Ahmad H. Mohamad, Zuraidah A.Rahman, Omar Majid & Hanafi Atan (2011). Development and Evaluation of Internet-Based Instructional Design Assistance for Print-Based Self-Learning Materials. Presented at the 24th World Conference of International Council for Distance Education (ICDE), Bali, Indonesia. October 2011.  

Selected Book Chapters:

  • Ahmad Hj Mohamad and J.A. Caruso (1987), Element Selective Plasma Emission Detector for Gas       Chromatography, in Advances in Chromatography, Ch. 5, Vol. 26. J.C.Giddings, E.Grushka and P.B.Brown (Eds). Marcel Dekker, New York.


  • General Chemistry I & II
  • Analytical Chemistry I - Separation Methods, Electrochemistry, Statistics
  • Analytical Chemistry II - Atomic Spectroscopy, Instrumental Methods, Hyphenated Techniques
  • Organic Spectroscopy - MS, uv-vis, IR & NMR Applications
  • Theory & Practice of Distance Education and Computer Literacy



  • Shaffe Daud, (Co-supervisor), 2001
  • Rohiyati Hashim, (ABD), 2003.


  • Deputy Dean and Dean, School of Distance Education USM, 1997 - 2010 (Multiple Appointments)
  • Director, University Quality Centre, 2013 - present
  • Panel of Assessors, National Accreditation Board (LAN), 1998 - 2007
  • Panel of Assessors, Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA), 2007 - present
  • External Auditor, International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE) for MQA Alignment Audit, 2013
  • External Examiner, B.Sc.Hons (Industrial Chemistry Technology) programme, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia, 2015.