Dr. Nasina Mat Desa

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Dr. Nasina Mat Desa
Phone      : 04-6532270
Fax          : 04-6576000
Email       : nasina@usm.my
Organizational  Behaviour, Human Resource Management


Academic Qualifications:

  • Doctorate of Business Administration, 2009, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Master of Business Administration, 2002, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, 1995, Universiti Utara Malaysia, Malaysia


Key Research Areas:

  • Workplace Spirituality
  • Leadership Style
  • Positive Behaviour in the Workplace

On Going Research:

  • Short Term Grant - Servant leadership and Organizational Commitment: A Comparative Study between Local and Foreign Bank in the Northern Region of Malaysia


Selected Journal Articles:

  1. Ngie, D., Mat Desa, N., & Asaari, M. (2016). Effects of Organizational Learning Culture and Developmental Feedback on Engineers’ Career Satisfaction in the Manufacturing Organizations in Malaysia. Proceeding of the 4th International Conference on Advances in Social Science, Economics and Management Study, Birmingham City University, United Kingdom, 17th to 18th March 2016.
  2. Koh Pin Pin, D. and Mat Desa, N., ( 2015). Workplace Spirituality, Perceived Oragnizational Support and Affective Organizational Commitment among auditors in Malaysia. Annual International Conference on Business, Marketing & Management, Abstracts Handbook Proceeding, Oxford University, United Kingdom, 16-18th November 2015.
  3. Gim, GCW., & Mat Desa, N., (2015). Competitive Psychology Climate and Turnover Intention with the mediating role of affective commitment. Procedia Social and Behavioral Science. 172.
  4. Gim, GCW., & Mat Desa, N., (2014). The Impact of Organizational Justice on Normative Commitment among Public and Private Sectors in Malaysia. Australian Journal Basic and Applied Sciences, 8(5).
  5. Gim, GCW., & Mat Desa, N., & Ramayah, T., (2014). The Impact of Distributive Justice, Procedural Justice, and Affective Commitment on Turnover Intentions among Private and Public sectors employees in Malaysia. International Journal of Social Science and Humanities. 4 (6).
  6. Ramli, A. & Mat Desa, N., (2014). The relationship between servant leadership and Organizational Commitment. International Journal of Management and Sustainability. 3 (2).
  7. Gim, GCW., & Mat Desa, N., (2012). The Boundaryless Career Attitude and Organizational Commitment among Public Accountants in Penang, Malaysia. Journal of Social & Development Science, 3(9).
  8. Koh, P.P & Mat Desa, N. (2011). The Workplace Spirituality and Affective Commitment among Auditors in Big Four Accounting firms: Does it matter? Journal of Global Management.
  9. Mat Desa, N. (2010). Module of Strategic Human Resource Management for undergraduates. Wawasan Open University, Pelangi Publishing Bhd, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  10. Mat Desa, N. (2010). Leadership Behavior and Job Satisfaction among bank officers in Northern Region, Malaysia: The Impact of Task Characteristics. Journal of Global Management.


  • JTW104 Principle of Management (2009 to 2015)
  • JTW480 Management Project (2009 to 2015)
  • JTW301 Management Seminar: 2009 to 2015)
  • JOW 365E International Management (2009 to 2015)
  • JOP352 Human Resource Management (2009 to 2015)


PhD & Master Students:

  • Herwiyanto Slamet Haryono (PhD), 2016 to date, Co-Supervisor, Effective Supervisor, SBM and Job Performance.
  • Doris Koh Pin Pin (Master of Arts), Graduated in 2012-Main Supervisor. Workplace Spirituality and Organizational Commitment : the mediation of Perceived Organizational Support.
  • Chan Choon Ming (Master of Arts), 2013 to date, Main Supervisor. Organizational Support and Job Performance among marketers in the banking sector.


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