Associate Professor
issham Dr. Issham Ismail  [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6534562 | E-mail :
Finance, Investment, Performance Measurement,
GLC, International Business, Corporate Governance, Behavioral Finance, Accounting
zulnaidi 2


Dr. Zulnaidi Yaacob  [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6532283 | E-mail :
Management Accounting, Quality Management,
Performance Management, SME Risk Management

Senior Lecturer
meor azli Dr. Azli@Meor Azli Ayub  [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6534572 | E-mail :
Marketing Communication, Consumer behaviour,
Political marketing
rafisah 2


Dr. Rafisah Mat Radzi  [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6532314 | E-mail :
Corporate finance (credit rating), Capital market (bond),
Islamic finance (sukuk or Islamic bond)
siti haslina


Dr. Siti Haslina Md Harizan  [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6534569 | E-mail :
Sustainable Marketing, Green Marketing, Consumer Behaviour,
Corporate Social Responsibility, Spiritual Marketing
wan afiezah


Dr. Wan Afezah Wan Abdul Rahman  [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6534565 | E-mail :
Management and Organization, Empathy and Global Leadership,
EI (Emotional Intelligence), Human Resource Management
che supian 2


Dr. Che Supian Mohamad Nor  [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6534561 | E-mail :
Psychological contract, Turnover intention, Microfinance, Poverty study
foong swee sim


Dr. Foong Swee Sim  [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6534554 | E-mail :
Cost of equity, Firm ownership structure, Corporate governance


Dr. Mohd Faiz Hilmi  [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6534560 | E-mail :
Technology & Innovation Management , Innovative Behavior,
e-Learning & Distance Education
hasmi 2 Dr. Muhammad Hasmi Abu Hassan Asaari  [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6534567 | E-mail :
Academic leadership, Leadership, Individual performance,
Strategic management
nasina 2 Dr. Nasina Mat Desa  [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6532270 | E-mail :
Workplace Spirituality, Leadership Style, Positive Behaviour in the Workplace
norziani 2 Dr. Norziani Dahalan @ Omar  [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6534553 | E-mail :
Organization behaviour, Entrepreneurship,
e-Learning & Distance Learning, Learning Organization
zarina 2 Dr. Zarina Md. Noor  [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6534570 | E-mail :
Household Finance and Family Economics focusing on single mothers

Dr. Zainil Hanim Saidin [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6535930 | E-mail :
Service Quality, Relationship Quality, Customer Loyalty, After-sales Service


Dr. Norizan binti Baba Rahim [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6535904 | E-mail
Individual Well-Being, Work-related behaviours, Protean Career Orientation, E-Learning, Open Distance Education