Senior Lecturer
izham   Dr. Izham Mohamad Yusoff [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6532271 | E-mail : 
3D Geographic Information System, 3D Spatial Modeling,
Rainfall-runoff Modeling, Cartography, Environmental Sciences
Nik Norliati   Dr. Nik Norliati Fitri Md Nor[Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6533632 | E-mail : 

DrMasayu   Dr. Siti Masayu Rosliah Binti Abdul Rashid [Academic Profile]
Tel : 04-6535927 | Emel 


Senior Lecturer
chow sheat fun   Dr. Chow Sheat Fun  [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6533629 | E-mail :
Trauma and Literature, Women’s Autobiographies,
Asian American Women’s Writings, Postcolonial Literature
 Dr Roslan Chin   Dr. Roslan Chin [Academic Profile]
Phone: 04-6535946 | Email:
Modern Malay Literature, Literature Criticsm,
Language Learning Strategy For Special Remedial Class

ku boon dar   Dr. Ku Boon Dar  [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6532288  | E-mail : 
Malay World, Sino-Vietnamese Borderlands,
Nationalism in Southeast Asia and Malaysia, Other Historical and Civilisation Studies 
low choo chin 2   Dr. Low Choo Chin  [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6533609  | E-mail : 
Comparative Citizienship, Migration, Diaspora, Deportation Studies
muzammil 2   Dr. Mohd. Muzammil Mohd. Noor  [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6534745  | E-mail : 
Comparative History, History of Islamic Thought, Political Biography History,
Modern History of Southeast Asia
sah hadiyatan   Dr. Sah Hadiyatan Ismail  [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6532279  | E-mail : 
American Diplomatic History (in Southeast Asia),
American-British Relations in Southeast Asia, Malaysian History,
Southeast Asian History (Cold War Conflicts in Southeast Asia)
NorizanKadir   Dr. Norizan Binti Kadir [Academic Profile]
Tel : 04-6535956 | Emel :
Philippines history, Malaysian history, Islamic thought in Southeast Asia, Intellectual History
En. Ahmad Dzulfahmi   Dr. Ahmad Dzulfahmi Muhamad  [Academic Profile]
Tel : 04-6535900 | Emel :