Dr. Khauthar Ismail

Cik Khauthar  

Dr. Khauthar Ismail
Telefon       : 04-653 3939
Faks           : 04-657 6000
Emel          : khautharism@usm.my



Academic Qualifications:

  • Ph.D. (Sociology) 2017, College of Social Sciences, School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Glasgow.
  • Master of Human Sciences (Sociology) 2011, International Islamic University Malaysia (UIA)
  • B.Sc. of Human Sciences (Hons) 2008, International Islamic University Malaysia (UIA)


Key Research Area:

  • Ethnicity studies
  • Post-colonial studies
  • Digital Society
  • Urban sociology
  • Historical sociology

Research Grant:
1. Principal Investigator (External Grant – KPT FRGS) RM66,396: The Infodemiology and Its Impacts on Youth’s Action and Reaction on Covid-19: An Exploratory Study in Perlis And Selangor. (ACTIVE)
2. Principal Investigator (Internal Grant – USM Short Term Grant) RM16,978: Ethnicity and Everyday Life: A case study of Chinese Kelantanese. (ACTIVE)
3. Co-researcher (External Grant, UiTM) RM5,000: Understanding public participation in decision making in economic and development programmes in Malaysia: How could Arnstein‟s ladder of participation contribute? (ACTIVE)
4. Co-researcher (Internal Grant – Geran Penyelidikan Akademik di Bawah Projek Khas TNCAA Tahun 2021, USM) RM10,000: The Backwash Effect of Online Assessment on Universiti Sains Malaysia. (ACTIVE)
5. Co-researcher (External Grant, WOU IRI/2017/0026) RM11,800: Self-Directed Learning Readiness, Internet Self-Efficacy and Preferences towards Constructivist Internet-Based Learning Environments amongst Distance Learners in Wawasan Open University (WOU) and Public University in Penang (COMPLETED)



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  2. Ismail, K. (2020). Imperialism, Colonialism and their Contribution to the Formation of Malay and Chinese Ethnicity: An Historical Analysis. Intellectual Discourse, 28 (1), 71–193.
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  4. Ismail, K. (2018). Ethnic boundaries and everyday understanding: The case of Malay and Chinese parental choice of National and National Type School in Peninsular Malaysia, Geografia: Malaysian Journal of Society and Space, 14(4), 1-12


  1. Bok. G.I. & Ismail, K. (2018). Reimagining Women's Role in Gender-specific Policies, KANITA International Conference Procceedings on Gender Studies 2018.
  2. Ismail, K. (2016). “We are Malay, they are Chinese, but we are all Malaysian: A label that is beyond identity”. Annual Conference British Sociological Association (BSA) on Global Societies, Fragmenting and Connecting. Aston University, Birmingham, UK. 6th – 8th April, 2016.
  3. Ismail, K. (2015). Ethnic Identity Formation among Malaysian Female in Penang, Malaysia: A comparative study between Malays and Chinese. Annual Conference British Sociological Association (BSA) on Societies in Transition. Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland, UK. 15th – 17th April, 2015.
  4. Ismail, K. (2013). Ethnic relationship between Malays and Chinese in Malaysian context. Citizenship and Belonging: A Postgraduate Conference (BSA-sponsored). University of Nottingham, UK. 25th – 26th March, 2013.


1. JKJ 203 Falsafah Sains Sosial (Shared course; 2019 – present)
2. JKA 317 Falsafah Penyelidikan Sosial (2017 – present)
3. JKA 512 Hubungan Etnik dan Rasisme (Term 2021/22 – present)
4. JKA519 Budaya dan Komuniti Ruang Siber (2020 – present)
Final year project
1. JKA 421E Research Proposal and Report Planning Method (Shared course; 2017/18 onwards)
2. JKA 515E Project: Selected Social Issues (Shared course; 2018/19 onwards)


1. Main Supervisor (Master student) Mohd Amirul Mukmin B. Abdul Wahab (ACTIVE)


1. Member of British Sociological Association, 2019 – 2021
2. Member of Persatuan Sains Sosial Malaysia, 2021 –
3. Member of the Qualitative Research Association of Malaysia (QRAM), 2022 –