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    Research Area:
    • International Economics (Technology Transfer and FDI Spillovers)

    • Industrial Economics

    • Econometrics

    Research Grant
    1. Ku 'Azam Bin Tuan Lonik, Main Bin Rindam, Mastura Binti Jaafar @ Mustapha, Radziah Adam, Developing a Model for Measuring Urban Competitiveness towards Sustainable Urban Development in Malaysia, Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi, RM170,000.00, 01/12/2016-30/11/2019.

  • Publication

    Research Publication:
    1. Bagheri M, Radziah Adam, Mastura Jaafar @ Mustapha, Wan Izzatul Asma, Issabelle, 2022, Using a hybrid Delphi hierarchical process, the development of a holistic index to measure city competitiveness in Malaysia: a case study from Penang Island, Model. Earth Syst. Environ, online: (Impact Factor: .000, DOI: HTTPS://DOI.ORG/10.1007/S40808-022-01509-0)

    2. Milad Bagheri, Ku Azam Tuan Lonik, Mastura Jaafar @ Mustapha, Radziah Adam, Wan Izatul Asma Wan Talaat, Isabelle D. Wolf, 2022, Integrating Social, Economic, and Environmental Factors to Evaluate How Competitive Urban Landscapes Are for the Development of Sustainable Cities: Penang Island in Malaysia as a Case Study, Land, 12/1: (Impact Factor: 3.900, DOI: HTTPS://DOI.ORG/10.3390/LAND12010104)

    3. Radziah Adam, 2021, Constructing A Competitiveness Index for States in Malaysia: A Panel Data Analysis, Malaysian Management Journal, 25: 1-24 (Impact Factor: .000, Doi :10.32890/Mmj2021.25.1)

    4. Adam, R., 2020, The Effects of Tax and Promotion on Rubber Medical Devices Export, Jurnal Ekonomi Malaysia, 54(2): (Impact Factor: .000, DOI :)

    5. Adam, R., 2020, A Review of Indicators Used for Measuring Competitiveness Among States in Malaysia, International Journal of Accounting, Finance and Business, Volume: 5 Issues: 28 [September, 2020]: 58-68 (Impact Factor: .000, DOI :)

    6. Lee Siu Ming, Adam, Radziah, Ku 'Azam bin Tuan Lonik, 2018, Export Tax and Export Promotion Activities: Twin Policies of Malaysia’s Rubber Medical Devices Export" (Paper ID: 23329), Jurnal Ekonomi Malaysia, (Impact Factor: .000, DOI :)

    7. Lee Siu Ming, Adam, Radziah, Ku 'Azam bin Tuan Lonik, 2018, Determinants of Resource-Based Manufactured Exports: A Case of Malaysia’s Rubber Medical Device, International Journal of Business and Society (IJBS), (DOI :)

    8. LS Ming, R. Adam, 2016. Gravity Model On A Single Commodity: A Review Of Literature, Management Research Journal, 5, 32-39.

    9. Khalifah, N.A., Mohd-Salleh, S., & Adam, R., FDI productivity spillovers and the technology gap in Malaysia's electrical and electronic industries, Asian-Pacific Economic Literature, 2015, 29, 1, 19

    10. Radziah Adam and Noor Aini Khalifah, 2012, Foreign Presence and Market Concentration in Malaysian Manufacturing Industries (Kehadiran Pelabur Asing dan Penumpuan Pasaran dalam Sektor Pembuatan di Malaysia).  Jurnal Ekonomi Malaysia, 46(1), pp. 119-132.

    11. Noor Aini Khalifah and Radziah Adam, 2009, Productivity Spillovers from FDI in Malaysian Manufacturing: Evidence from Micro-panel Data. Asian Economic Journal, 23(2), pp.143-167.

    Other Publication:
    1. Tuan Lonik, Ku Azam, ed. (2015), Foreign Direct Investment and Industrial Development, Malaysian Economy: Growth and Transformation, Penerbit UTHM, 2015, 19.

  • Supervision

    PhD (Completed)
    1. Lim Chee Ann, 2020, Doctor of Philosophy, Research - Full Time, Index Construction and Determinants of Competitiveness for States in Malaysia, Co-supervisor.

    2. Siti Hajar Binti Samsu, 2019, Doctor of Philosophy, Research - Full Time, External Debt Servicing Difficulties in Selected High Indebted Developing Countries, Co-supervisor.

    3. Lee Siu Ming, 2019, Determinants of Malaysia’s Resource-Based Manufactured Rubber Medical Device Exports, Main supervisor.

    4. Andi Tenri Fitriyah, 2017, Doctor of Philosophy, Research - Full Time, The Determinants of Food Consumption of the Rural Poor Households in Bontoa District, South Sulawesi Indonesia, Co-supervisor

    5. Salmah Mohd Salleh, Ph.D (UKM Dissertation - Mixed Mode), Vertical and Horizontal FDI Technology Spillovers: Evidence from Malaysian Manufacturing Micro-Panel Data, Joint Supervisor, 2012-2014.

    PhD (On-going)
    1. Mumtaz Muhammad Naveed, 2023, Doctor of Philosophy, Research - Full Time, Attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI): A Qualitative Study On the Key Drivers and Related Challenges Affecting Existing and Future Investors in Pakistan, Co-supervisor (ACTIVE)  

    Master (Completed)
    1. Li Yaping, 2022, Master (PPSK Dissertation - Course Work), The Impact of E-Commerce on the Economic Growth of 31 Provinces in China.

    2. Liu Meng Yang, Master (PPSK Dissertation - Course Work), The Relationship between Government Size and Trade Openness in Malaysia, Main Supervisor, 2014

    3. Niqin, Master (PPSK Dissertation - Course Work), The Impacts of RMB Exchange Rate Volatility Penyelia on Export Flows between China and its 6 Major Trading Partners, Main Supervisor, 2015

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