• Research

    Research Area:
    • Corporate Governance

    • Financial Risk and Risk Management

    Research Grant
    1. 2022, Expanding the risk taking framework to explain how gender diversity contributes to effective cash management confronting crisis, KPT, RM77,700

    2. 2016, Does Executive Remuneration in Family Firms Based On Managerial Ability?, USM, RM100,000

    3. 2014, The Role of Foreign Ownership on Cost of Equity: The Case of Malaysia, USM, RM25,000

  • Publication

    Research Publication:
    1. Lee, C.H. and Foong, S.S. (forthcoming) ‘The Value of Diversification, Managerial Ability and Corporate Governance: Evidence from Malaysian Firms’, Asian Journal of Business & Accounting.

    2. Foong, S.S. and Lim, B.L. (2023) ‘Does the Founder CEO Receive a Higher Pay for the Firm’s Performance? Evidence from Malaysia’, Malaysian Journal of Economics Studies, 60(1), pp. 1-28. DOI:

    3. Lim, B.L. and Foong, S.S. (2022) ‘Managerial ability and CEO pay of family firms in Malaysia: Does family involvement in management matter?’, Spanish Journal of Finance and Accounting, pp. 206-232. DOI: https://org/10.1080/02102412.2022.2051296

  • Supervision

    PhD (On-going)
    1. Chen Yan, An Investigation of The Impact Of Tax Risk Management On The Tax Compliance Of SMEs

    2. Lee Chyn Hwa, Diversification and firm value: Analysing the role of managerial ability, corporate governance and CEO characteristics

    3. Yeoh Koay Kheng, Managerial Ability and Executive Remuneration: A Research of Government Intervention in Malaysian Commercial Banking Industry

  • Recognition

    1. Outstanding Paper Award, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, MALAYSIA , 2013 (International)

    2. Best Paper Award, Malaysian Finance Association, MALAYSIA , 2013 (National)

    3. Best Paper Award, Malaysian Finance Association, MALAYSIA , 2012 (National)

  • Consultancy

  • Community/Industry

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Universiti Sains Malaysia, 11800 USM, Penang, Malaysia