• Research

    Research Area:
    • Educational Technology

    • Educational Data Mining

    • Online Learning

    Research Grant
    1. 2023 – Profiling Students’ Self-Regulation Learning Behaviours Within Online Learning Environment Through Learning Analytics To Enhance Reflection Practices – STG USM – RM31,300

  • Publication

    Research Publication:
    1. Mohamad S. K. & Tasir Z. (2023). Exploring How Feedback through Questioning May Influence Reflective Thinking Skills based-on Association Rules Mining Technique, Thinking Skills and Creativity, 47, 101231. (IF: 3.652; Q1), WOS and Scopus

    2. Rabu S. N. A., Mohamad S. K., Awwad S. A. B., Ismail N. H. A. & Kang S. Y. (2023). Effectiveness of Inquiry-Based Learning with the Aid of BLOSSOMS Video on Students’ Performance and Motivation, Education and Information Technologies, 1-26. (IF: 5.5; Q1), WOS and Scopus

    3. Hussin H, Rabu S. N. A. & Mohamad S. K. (2023, Presented). QR Codes: A Technologically Enhanced Learning Tool for Large Classroom Settings, 1st International Student Symposium of Instructional Technology 2023 (ISSIT 2023), USM Penang

    4. Yusof I. J., Mohamad S. K., Bello M., Supie H. S. M. & Ismail, L. H. (2022). Online Formative Assessment Practices Among Academics of Tertiary Education in Sokoto State, Nigeria, International Journal of Professional Business Review, 7(3), 1-13. Scopus

    5. Rabu S. N. A., Ismail N. H., Osman N. I. & Mohamad S. K. (2022). Motivation, Engagement, Enjoyment, and Learning Achievement toward Gamified Classroom, Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology, 100(19), 5531-5544. Scopus

    6. Mohamad S. K., Tasir Z. (2014), Pattern of Reflection in Learning for Predicting Students Performance, In Teaching and Learning in Computing and Engineering (LaTiCE), 145-146, WOS and Scopus

    7. Mohamad S. K., Tasir Z. (2014), Quality of Reflection in Learning through Blogging: A Theoretical Framework. In 1st International Education Postgraduate Seminar (IEPS), KSL Resort, Johor Bahru

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    10. Hashim H., Tasir Z., Mohamad S. K. (2013), E-learning Environment for Hearing Impaired Students, TOJET: Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology, 12(4), 67-70, Scopus

  • Supervision

    Master (On-going)
    1. Abdullah Al-Farhan – Patterns Of Cognitive Engagement, Motivation And Learning Performance Among Kuwaiti Students With Dyslexia In Learning English Through Gamification

  • Recognition

    1. Silver Award for ISI Reviewer of the Year 2023 – Informing Science Institute

    2. Bronze Award for ISI Reviewer of the Year 2023 – Informing Science Institute

    3. Award of Merit and B1 – PhD Thesis – 21 Jun 2021 – Title: The Effect of Feedback on Reflective Thinking Skills and Learning Performance through Educational Blogging

    4. Silver Medal Award – A Framework to Unlock Reflective Thinking Skills through Questioning – FSSH Research and Innovation Competition – 2 September 2021

    5. Silver Medal Award – MySains Apps: Aplikasi Pembelajaran Mudah Alih Sains – FSSH Research and Innovation Competition – 2 September 2021

    6. 3rd Price Winner – Three Minute Thesis, Faculty Level – 22 March 2018

    7. Silver Medal Award – EDUSIGN: Educational Sign Language Video for Deaf Students in Learning Nuclear Energy – Korea International Women’s Invention Exposition (KIWIE 2016) – 16 June 2016

    8. Gold Medal Award – Website Development Apps – Innovative Practices in Higher Education Expo 2014 – 23 May 2014

    1. I’M Research Consortium Membership – 2023

    2. Associate Reviewer – Member of The International Board of Reviewers for the Journal of Information Technology Education: Research – Scopus & Web of Science, 2023

    3. Associate Reviewer – Member of The International Board of Reviewers for the InSITE2023: Informing Science + IT Education Conferences – 2023

    4. Action Research Jury – Kolokium Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri Perak – 27-29 September 2022

  • Consultancy

    1. Consultant for FRGS Grant: Fundamental Design Framework for Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) Strategy in STEM Education – 15 August - 9 December 2022

  • Community/Industry

    Community Engagement:
    1. Reviewer iCMR2023 – Factors Affecting Human Resources In Forest Enterprises In Tuyên Quang Province, Vietnam – 30 June 2023

    2. Reviewer iCMR2023 – Project Tech-Talk as a Supplemental Learning Tool to Enhance Academic Performance of Technology and Livelihood Education Students – 22 June 2023

    3. Reviewer (Scopus/WoS index): Journal of Information Technology Education: Research – Students’ Writing Performance and Academic Integrity with the Use of Digital Writing Tools – 17 June 2023

    4. Reviewer iCMR2023 – Increasing Self-Efficacy to Reduce the Risk of Relapse in Drugs Abuse with Cognitive Behavior Therapy – 10 June 2023

    5. Reviewer (Scopus index): The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning – What If It’s All Illusion? To What Extent Can We Rely On Self-Reported Data In Open Education Systems? – 5 June 2023

    6. Reviewer iCMR2023 – Development Of A Character Education Management Model in The Implementation Of The Technology-Oriented Learning Era – 5 June 2023

    7. Reviewer (Scopus/WoS index): Journal of Information Technology Education: Research – A Systematic Review Of The Use Of Immersive Technologies In Young Children’s Education – 1 June 2023

    8. Reviewer iCMR2023 – Digital Storytelling: An Integrated Approach in the ESL Classroom – 16 May 2023

    9. Reviewer (Scopus/WoS index): Journal of Information Technology Education: Research – Learned Lessons and New Normal of Education after the COVID-19 Pandemic from Saudi K-12 Teachers’ Perspectives – 7 May 2023

    10. Reviewer InSITE2023 – Addressing Language Difficulties of Nursing Students from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds – 31 March 2023

    11. Reviewer InSITE2023 – Into the Challenges of Aligning Key Sections of Doctoral Dissertation: Cognitive Analysis, Pedagogical Tools, and Applied Exercises – 10 March 2023

    Industry Engagement:
    1. Research Committee – Forward School Project, Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) – 15 August 2023

School of Distance Education
Universiti Sains Malaysia, 11800 USM, Penang, Malaysia