Dr. Siti Haslina Md Harizan

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Dr. Siti Haslina Md Harizan
Phone      : 04-653 4569
Fax          : 04-657 6000
Email         : sitihaslina@usm.my




Academic Qualifications :

  • Ph.D (Universiti Sains Malaysia)
  • B.Tech (Hons) (Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS)
  • M.B.A. (Universiti Sains Malaysia)


Key Research Area

  • Green Marketing
  • Islamic Marketing
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Sustainable Consumption
  • Sustainability in Distance Education


Selected Articles:

  1. Harizan, S.H.M., Shukor, M.H.A. 2021, Factors Influencing The Intention To Buy Fashionable Apparel Via Online Platforms: An Empirical Evidence From Malaysia, International Journal of Asian Social Science, 11/2:, 98-113.
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  17. Siti Haslina Md Harizan, Norizan Mat Saad, & Nabsiah Wahid (2006), A Study of Socio-Demographic on Environmental Consciousness, Proceedings of International Conference of Energy and Environment (ICEE), 28-30 August 2006, Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Kajang, Malaysia.

Selected Book Chapters:

  1. Chamhuri Siwar & Siti Haslina Md Harizan, 2007. Concepts and Approaches on CSR: Relevance for Small and Medium Enterprises in Malaysia. In Chamhuri Siwar, Joy Jacqueline Pereira & Siti Haslina Md Harizan, (Ed.), Corporate Social Responsibility for Sustainable Development, (Round Table Dialogue Series No. 14). Bangi, Institute for Environment & Development, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. (ISBN: 978-983-9444-71-1).
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  3. Siti Haslina Md Harizan (2016), Psikologi Pengguna, Siri Pendidikan Jarak Jauh, Kuala Lumpur: Utusan Publications & Distributors Sdn Bhd​ (ISBN: 978-967-61-2755-6)
  4. Md Harizan, S. H., Atan, H., & Hilmi, M. F. (2017). The Environmental Sustainability of Distance Education: The Impact of Travelling among Malaysian Students. In P. Kommers (Ed.), Asia Pacific Handbook of Contemporary Research (Vol. 1, pp. 29 - 43). (ISBN: 978-0-6481172-8-5).


  • JRP 343/4 - Consumer Behaviour (2014/2015 to present)
  • JRW 348/4 – Retailing (2014/2015 to present)
  • JRW 344/4 - Advertising (2014/2015 to 2018/2019)
  • JTW 301/4 - Management Seminar (2014/2015 to present)
  • JTW 480/4 - Management Project (2014/2015 to present)
  • JTP 501/3 - Business Ethic (2018/2019)
  • JTW 208/3 – Economics for Management II (2020-2021)
  • JRP 445/4 - Komunikasi Pemasaran Bersepadu (2021 to present)



  1. Quan Xin (Main-Supervisor)


  1. Liu Yi (Main-Supervisor)
  2. Zeng Baoguo (Main-Supervisor)
  3. Xie Yifeng (Main-Supervisor)
  4. Zong Hongbao (Main-Supervisor)
  5. Luo Ping (Main-Supervisor)
  6. Fazleen Binti Md Ali (Co-Supervisor)


  • Member of Institute of Marketing Malaysia (IMM) (2010 to present)
  • Scientific Committee a.k.a Country Co-chair for the Global Islamic Marketing Conference (2016  to present)