Dr. Bok Guat Im

Bok Guat Im  

Dr. Bok Guat Im
Telefon      : 04-6535918
Faks           : 04-6576000
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Academic Qualifications:

  • Ph.D Sociology 2017, University of New South Wales
  • Master of Social Science 2008, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
  • B. Social Science (Hons.) 2001, Universiti Sains Malaysia


Key Research Area:

  • Social Identity
  • Objectivity and Subjectivity
  • Alienation
  • Service Industry and Emotional Labour
  • Adult learners

Research Grant:

  • Principal Investigator: :Short Term Grant, USM: Sense of Belonging: Distance Education, RM24,998.00, 01/08/2018-31/10/2021
  • Co-Investigator: FRGS, KPT: The Infodemiology and its impacts on youth and action and reaction on Covid-19: An Explorative study in Perlis and Selangor, RM66,398.00, 07/09/2021-06/09/2023


  • Bok, G. I. (2021). Adult learners' challenges in distance learning: A case study in Universiti Sains Malaysia. Issues in Educational Research31(1), 19-36.
  • Bok, G.I. (2019). Belonging in distance education: A preliminary review of students' perspectives, The European Proceedings of Social & Behavioural Sciences
  • Bok. G.I. and Ismail, K. (2018). Reimagining Women's Role in Gender-specific Policies, KANITA International Conference Procceedings on Gender Studies.
  • Bok, G.I. (2018). Relations over the cosmetic counter: a space of identification, distance or hostility?, eBangi, 15/4.
  • Bok, G.I. (2014). The Dislocation of Retail Beauty Workers: A Case Study. In Crafting Allure: Beauty, Culture and Identity (pp. 55-66). Brill
  • Bok, G.I. (2012) Beauty Retail Workers: Consumerized and Alienated, International Proceedings of Economics Development and Research, 42:, 28-33.


  • JKA 215 Men and Environment
  • JKA 218 Anthropological and Sociological Issues
  • JKA 421e Research Proposal and Report Planning Methods


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